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Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of the world's greatest magician, John Zatara. She searched for her father's spell book for years after it was bought by Lex Luthor: after recovering the book, she mentioned she would start researching spells to become a better magician. She is currently a member of the Justice League and a D.E.O. agent.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Zatanna is an attractive young woman with long, straight black hair and blue/gray eyes. When she uses her magic or casts a spell, her eyes glow a bright blue color.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Magic: Zatanna possesses the ability to control magic. At first, her abilities were limited to granting a person's wishes of whatever that person most desired at the moment. However, her ability to grant wishes only works on others: it does not work on herself. After finding her father's spell book, Zatanna's powers were increased and she learned that, by speaking words backwards, she could conjure spells. By speaking "Leets yb dnuob!" ("Bound by steel!"), she was able to imprison Oliver Queen with chains that suddenly appeared. With the book, Zatanna has access to a wealth of magical spells, including one that can resurrect a person from the dead, provided that another life is sacrificed in exchange for theirs. Currently, she possesses the ability to create powerful magic without the help of the Book of Zatara. In Warrior, she was able to conjure up a spell the was capable of defeating Alec Abrams, who was transformed into Devilicus.
  • Teleportation: During her first appearance, Zatanna was able to appear and disappear by thought.
  • Telekinesis: When Oliver was going to burn the Book of Zatara, Zatanna stretched out her hand and the book came to her.