Black Canary
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Dinah Laurel Lance (born November 15, 1985) known as simply Laurel Lance, is a former legal aid attorney, as well as a current assistant district attorney working under an unnamed District Attorney. Laurel is the daughter of Dinah and Quentin Lance, the older sister of the late Sara Lance, the ex-girlfriend, the close friend and on/off love interest of Oliver Queen, the ex-girlfriend and the close friend of the late Tommy Merlyn, and the best friend of fellow lawyer Joanna de la Vega.

After the death of her sister Sara, Laurel received training in combat from Ted Grant and became a vigilante, joining Team Arrow. In the field, she operates under the codename Black Canary. She has been referred to by the media as the Woman in black.

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  • Skilled Lawyer
  • Peak-human conditioning
  • Skilled Combatant

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